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ARMAD helps teach our youth about the sacrifices present and past generations have made to keep us free, and America strong. It is important that we remind future generations of what price veterans paid for our Country.

Amateur Radio is a great hobby, and a strong tool to use for public service. Using Amateur Radio helps to develop communication skills, knowledge of geography, and allows one to meet new friends worldwide. It also allows us to provide emergency communication in times of disasters.

The ARMAD group has been involved in the Rally For America, in Fort Wayne, In. An event with over 25,000 in attendance. Other events include: The Glenn Beck National Rally For America - Huntington, WV.: The Traveling Viet Nam Wall: The WWII Army Ranger Reunion, Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day 2004, over 6,500 in attendance, Amateur Radio Christian Fellowship Day, The Golden Corral Military Appreciation Day, Rally For America II, ARMAD - 2005, over 6100 attending, National Support Our Troops Day - 2005, Tribute To The Troops Concert with CI Gospel Productions; Patriotic Sunday at The Chapel in Ft. Wayne; The American Legion Riders - 2007, and many other events as requested.

ARMAD 2005 also included the Kruse WWII Museum, and The Chain Of Lakes State Park - Albion, Indiana.

Each of these events included Amateur Radio Clubs from around the world contacting each other to allow the public to express support, and to exchange positive messages to each other LIVE.

Locations included various cities in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, Malta, England, Kuwait, and South America. We also thank Pearl Harbour, Fort Carson, Co., Cherry Pointe Naval Station, Iraq; and many other Military Bases, and Ships.

Thank you OPERATION TRIBUTE TO FREEDOM, AND AMERICA SUPPORTS YOU for allowing Amateur Operators to work with your organizations to provide this service for our communities, and the Military.

Please join with us as we continue to grow, and show our support to those that keep us free.

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